Pale Ale/Best Bitter Mixed Case


Beer Style: Pale Ale, Best Bitter
ABV: 4.2 | 4.3 %
  • A mixed case containing Half of our Pale Ale 4.2% and half of Best Bitter 4.3%, available in cases of 6 (3 of each), 12 (6 of each) and 24 (12 of each).

Pale Ale 4.2%

Our first pale is as crisp as a summer’s morning over the Staffordshire Moorlands, with a fragrance only matched by the piney, grassy aromas of the Churnet Valley.

Best Bitter 4.3%

There’s nothing quite like the rounded flavours of a Best Bitter to accompany a good hike. Our best bitter brings together the earthy character of English hops with the sweetness of British grown barley and wheat.

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