About Us

Here at the Rural Brewing Company, we are passionate about adventure and proper beer!

We love the outdoors just about as much as we love beer. Put the two together in a scenic location and you have a recipe for sweet harmony. We have created drinks that will hit the spot after a tough days exploring the great outdoors.

A brewery ran by true outdoors folk who share the love for quality beer, teaming up to combine our knowledge and expertise to help showcase what Staffordshire Moorlands has to offer. Although we produce a wide product range our limitations do not stop there offering more than just beer.

We are aiming to be more than a brewery by helping to provide our customers the ability to access the outdoor activities we actively participate in.

We envisage giving our customers a true taste of the great outdoors through beer and real-life experiences. As we embark on our journey as a business, we welcome people to join us along the way. Personally, it’s the experience that really counts!

Go for a ride and have a pint

We are currently in the process of working towards building our own brewhouse and taproom here in the Stafforshire countryside in Alton.

Our vision is to have a place where you can experience the great outdoors and have some truly epic adventures followed by a hearty pint in our own taproom.

Keep your eyes peeled for more information coming soon.
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